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Toll-Free Numbers are an extension of a company’s brand, so why not provide the opportunity to give your customers maximum visibility?

As the first centralized repository for Toll-Free Caller Name information, TFNIdentity is a powerful solution that allows Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs) to store Caller Name information (frequently referred to as CNAM) so that it can be displayed when a call is received from your customer’s Toll-Free Number.

User API Specification

This document describes the Application Programming Interface (API) between TFNIdentity and its Responsible Organization (Resp Org) users. In general, TFNIdentity provides this API to allow Resp Org users to add and manage Caller Name (CNAM) information for their customers via an API protocol. Otherwise, the Resp Org users can access the TFNIdentity User Interface to manually add or bulk upload into TFNIdentity.

Download User API Specification