While texting was once considered a millennial’s communication method, it’s clear that people of all ages are sending and receiving text messages. According to the Pew Research Center, three-quarters of all Americans text, and Experian Marketing Services found that even people ages 55 and older send and receive an average of almost 500 texts per month.

People text with friends and family but what about texting with businesses? You may be surprised to hear that research has shown that not only are people open to business texting—they’re craving it! Are you prepared to receive text messages to your company?

Check out Toll-Free University’s “Meet the Texters,” an infographic that introduces you to Riya the Reliable, Deirdre the Demanding, Travis the Traveler, Felix the Fixer and Ellie the Explorer—five texters your business should be prepared to communicate with via your text enabled Toll-Free Number.