A new RouteLink release is now available to help further simplify access to Toll-Free routing data!

We listened to your feedback and added several new features to make RouteLink easier to use and faster to implement:


  • New API Version 2.0

The new RouteLink Application Programming Interface (API) brings Toll-Free routing data to customers in a much more streamline format.  RouteLink data is now distributed in a JSON format that is easier to use, simpler to integrate and faster to deploy. The new API specification document can be found here.


  • CPR Viewer Tool

The new Call Processing Record (CPR) Viewer tool gives customers an interactive way to visualize routing records for Toll-Free Numbers.  The tool’s design makes it easier than ever for users to navigate routing trees – now even the most complex routing records are easily accessible.  The tool also has filters to allow you to drill into specific routing resolution based on various criteria, such as calling party LATA, NPA-NXX, or time-based criteria. 


  • Improved Sandbox

The newly refreshed Sandbox environment includes a more representative dataset in production that will help you better plan the implementation of the live dataset.



Please note that if you have been using the Sandbox environment, your account has been reset to use the new dataset.  If you have started certification, you will need to restart certification.


Log into RouteLink today to explore the benefits of the new and improved RouteLink API!